The Start Of My Journey

I’m currently enjoying a slow-start Sunday. The sunshine is streaming in through my window, dancing off the waves, luring me to go play outside. My dog is giving me the death-stare wondering why we’re still inside… I’ll have to make this brief. I’m currently on this wonderful, blissful journey finding my own version of holistic health. It’s been a bumpy ride so far! Progressing and then falling back into old unhealthy habits. I’ve decided to start a blog to record my experience with different things; yoga, reiki, raw food, whole food, medium-ship, meditating, affirmations, and much more. I find myself thrown into this amazing new holistic world and sometimes I feel totally freaking lost. There’s so much cool new stuff, but it’s a bit overwhelming! I hope this site will help serve as a guide to anyone who’s on this crazy journey as well. Cheers to holistic health! It’s worth it.

Today’s mantra ~I embrace this new journey with an open heart~


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