Defining My Values

Yesterday afternoon I had so many emotions flowing through me, I was excited, nervous & vulnerable as I headed to meet my new (and first ever) Life Coach. What an amazing experience it turned out to be! I left my first session so inspired and happy that I pushed myself to try this experience. It can be scary putting the spotlight on yourself but I promise you it is so rewarding. I can’t wait to see how much I grow in the next 3 months!

In this first session we focused on defining my own set of personal values. This is an exercise that I’ve been wanting to accomplish for a few weeks now and I just didn’t know how to get started. My life coach had me write in detail four peak experiences in my life that were especially rewarding and that left me feeling happy and fulfilled. I then assigned characteristics to each of these experiences noticing the commonalties. We then went through a deck of “value-cards” (basically playing cards but instead of numbers they had a value written on the face) and sorted them into various piles until I was left with about 15 that really spoke to me. I then sorted these into 5 piles, with the top word in each pile being my value and the remaining words in the pile how I define the value. It was so cool to see ME written in a few words on a table. Words that truly make my soul sing!

My Values

My Personal Values

Below are my values:

  1. CONNECTION – love, friendship, family, community, home
  2. SERENITY – happiness, peace, spirituality, nature
  3. PLAY – imagination, vitality, laughter, passion, adventure
  4. GROWTH – learning, openness
  5. COMPASSION – encouragement, kindness

I highly recommend taking the time to go through an exercise like this to define your values,
it is already so rewarding and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!


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