Conquering Everyday Fears

Fear: False Evidence Appearing Real

Overcoming Fear

I put myself on a plane to Mexico, to this beautiful little rural town. I have a really good girlfriend who lives here. She’s been a huge inspiration on my self-discovery journey and I had such an urge to come visit here and re-connect with her. There have been a lot of ‘first-times’ for me on this adventure and I’ve been battling fear for the past couple of days. Being at a place where I am aware of fear, and am consciously processing it, is amazing. In the past I would let feelings of fear overtake me, and it would either inhibit me from trying something new or ruin my day by putting me in a shitty mood. Now that I can bring conciousness to it, I’m working on transferring fear into curiosity. I find curiosity wonderful and not at all scary; it allows me to view things that I would normally fear from an objective stand point and move past the inhibiting feelings. Below are three things I’ve been anxious and feeling fearful over the past two days and that I’ve been working on absolving.

(1) Travelling alone: This was a big trip for me for this fact alone! I have never travelled by myself. Getting on a plane by myself, transferring at an airport, and meeting my friend with zero means of communication; I had to put a lot of faith in the universe that it would all work out. Of course it did, but as a first timer travelling solo my saboteur was in the back of my head filling it with anxious thoughts “You’ll miss your connecting flight” “You told your friend the wrong day and she won’t be there to meet you”, etc, etc. Silly thoughts when I say them out loud but when they are swirling around in your head they can be scary! I affirmed “I am open to every new connection and experience” and was able to squash the anxiety. I made it here easy breezy and vow to have more faith in the process going forward. I guess that’s the real lesson here… I have to be okay giving up control and put my trust in the Universe. (For a control freak like me that’s a hard thing to do!)

(2) The BIGGEST spider I’ve ever seen: This kind of falls back into the fear of being alone as there is absolutely nothing I am able to do to get a spider out of the house. I don’t feel comfortable killing insects in my friends house (they are very conscious of life) so I had to accept the fact that me and this spider were going to be sharing the house while I got ready. Not an easy feat for me. I affirmed “I am safe and secure”, kept a fair distance and was able to be in the house with this critter.

(3) Driving an ATV: Me and big machinery don’t always get along. I could feel myself procrastinating this morning to avoid jumping on the ATV. I recognized my behaviour, took some time to meditate on a few different affirmations, then hopped on the ATV and drove it to the coffee shop. I was literally shaking with adrenalin afterwards but the coolest thing was that I felt really accomplished.  I’ve been working with my Life Coach on overcoming my fear for trying new things and it really is the most wonderful feeling when you overcome a fear.

I’m off to explore this beautiful town now! Set the intention to be mindful of your thoughts today. Check in with yourself “How am I feeling right now?” “What do I want the most right now?” You are in control of your thoughts, make sure that they are working in your favour.


Daily Affirmation: “I love and accept myself, just as I am.”


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