Pure Magic

Yesterday was a magical day, you know the kind of day where you have to pinch yourself because you feel like you’ve walked through the wardrobe into Narnia? It was pure bliss and I can’t wait to share it with you!

It began by hoping on a boat into the Sea of Cortez with three amazingly wonderful people. I LOVE sea creatures and right away we spotted 3 beautiful sea turtles, a whole bunch of sea lions sun bathing, and even a manta ray swimming under the boat! We went for a scuba dive in a shipwreck, penetrating the boat and swimming with stunning, colourful fish and tiny sting rays (about the size of the dinner plate). After that we went to a sea lion colony and went scuba diving again with these playful water pups. It was pure magic, being underwater looking right into the face of a sea lion. They are so playful! Afterwards we stopped on this beautiful beach for dinner and then headed back to land just as the sun was setting. This was truly the “magic-hour”, the sky was stunning radiating the big red sun, the ocean was full of life with the animals trying to catch the last rays of the days. We came upon a school of manta-rays jumping out high above the water. As they swam underneath our boat we saw that there must have been a hundred of them. My girlfriend had the crazy wonderful idea to jump in and snorkel with them. I was terrified but we had two marine biologists on board who said it was safe so I dove into my fear and slipped into the ocean. Wow. A day of pure magic that I will never forget.

Manta Rays in the Sea of Cortez

Have you had a day of pure magic? Share it with me in the comments below.


Daily Affirmation: “I choose to see the magic in my life” 


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