Maintaining Your Vacation Revelations

For me my favourite part of any vacation is the personal revelations I can take home with me as well as the total relaxed state of mind, which I believe go hand in hand. Do you know what I mean? That completely grounded, totally in tune with YOU feeling.

I recently got back from an amazing vacation. I felt full of energy and was so aware of who I was. But as I slipped back into my normal routine I felt a wave of reality begin to crash over me and I knew that if I let it, it would wash away the recent realizations that came to me on my trip.

This is my how-to guide of keeping your vacation revelations alive when you’re back at home.

  1. Take a breather: when you feel your revelations and relaxation slipping away, take a few minutes and remove yourself from the situation. Go for a walk, sit on your favourite bench or just excuse yourself to the bathroom to get some alone time.
  2. Write your revelations down: Either with pen and paper, or on the note pad on your phone, write down the action verbs that best describe how your felt on your vacation. Include any revelations that you had and any new awareness of yourself that you want to maintain.
  3. Bring awareness to what’s bothering you: Focus on what is stressing you out, the reason why your relaxation is slipping away. Write down what you think the problem might be and try to find the root of what’s bothering you. I guarantee once you see the words on paper, you’ll know exactly what it is.
  4. Realign yourself: Once you’ve realized what’s actually bothering you, acknowledge it and find a way to realign yourself with your action verbs in part 2. I find great comfort in then going through a grounding meditation by closing my eyes and imagining roots growing out of my feet, deep into the ground below. This gives me strength to stay true to myself when everyday stress tries to knock me over.

Maintaining Relaxation

Here’s an example of how I went through these steps this week:

The problem: I went back to work and found out that sh*t hit the fan when I was gone. A key project I was working on opened disastrously. I felt like I had let my team down by not being  present to see the project through and I felt really disheartened as my team wasn’t even that fazed by the mess up; it was almost as if they expected our product to be of poor quality.

Taking a breather: I could feel this ‘reality-wave’ crashing over me and threatening to wash away the energy and excitement that I felt post-vacation. I excused myself and went for a 10 minute walk to the seawall with a pad of paper and a pen.

Writing my revelations down: My trip made me feel alive, confident, relaxed, like I could face any challenge, free, open, true to myself, loving, lovable, non-judgemental, understanding and content.

Bringing awareness to what was bothering me: What did these revelations translate into what I wanted out of work? to feel authentic, to be proud of what I create, to love my team, to feel inspired and to feel like I’m helping clients. I realized that I wasn’t proud of how we had handled the project, that I didn’t feel authentic with my work, that I was not inspired my teams reaction to the failure and that I certainly didn’t feel like we had helped our client.

Realigning myself: By bringing awareness to this, it allowed me to acknowledge the failure and move past it. I could then dedicate myself to creating authentic, inspiring work that I was proud of going forward. I felt like I had re-claimed my relaxed state of mind and that I was being true to myself. I did a quick grounding meditation and set the intention to follow this new dedication and to not get swept away in everyday office stress.


2 thoughts on “Maintaining Your Vacation Revelations

  1. I like this idea a lot. It’s hard getting back to your old routine after a trip. I try and take little breaks for a walk, etc to have a breather as well. Nice post. xoxo

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