Cultivating Joy

I set the intention to have a ROCKSTAR week this week. Last week I felt like I wasn’t being the best version of me and as a result I was sluggish, uninspired and overall feeling blue. I’m six days into my ROCKSTAR week and boy is it working! My energy levels are up, I’m more joyful and I just feel great all around. You can too.

After being inspired by Shawn Anchor’s TED Talk I knew I wanted to include a few of his tips into my week. Below are the intentions that I set for myself. I call each of these points opportunities, not definite to-do items. My inner saboteur can come out if I don’t complete all my to-do items so to silence her I’ve been changing all of my to-do’s to opportunities.

Opportunities for Cultivating Joy:

  • Gratitude: Write down 3 new things you are grateful for each day (no repeats allowed)
  • Journalling: Journal about 1 positive experience over the past 24 hours
  • Exercise: Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes daily
  • Meditation: Meditate daily. I’m pretty new to meditation but I’ve been practising these two methods and they work really well
    • The ultimate self-love meditation: I focus on my breath for a few minutes and then I begin to mentally review each part of my body and tell myself “I love my (body part)”
    • The counting breath meditation: inhale 1 count, exhale one count; inhale two counts, exhale 2 counts. Continue to 8 and then reverse.
  • 1 Random Act of Kindness: Complete 1 random act of kindness each day. Shawn Anchor recommends sending a positive email praising or thanking someone in your social support network. Some personal examples that I did this week: I paid for a stranger’s bus fare; I supported an acquaintance through a crisis.
  • Healthy Eating: Eat whole foods. I created a meal plan for the week and spent the majority of Sunday preparing healthy food so that I had no excuses.
  • Goal Setting: set the intention to complete one goal that you’ve been keeping on the back-burner.

My life coach gave me invaluable advice that has helped me stay accountable to myself. Be as accountable to yourself as you would be to a friend. Imagine that you agreed to meet at friend at your 6:30 am yoga class; chances are that you are less likely to hit the snooze button if you’ve agreed to meet up with someone. Why then are we not this accountable to ourselves?! We should love ourselves enough to never flake out on us. Take that grace and love you would give your friends and give it to yourself.

I also must thank the universe for bringing this quote into my life which has kept me motivated:

Commitment Quote


I hope that this helps you to cultivate joy in your own life today!

Daily Affirmation: “My life is full of joy and love”


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