Take A Leap Of Faith

I set aside time today to make a commitment. I have been researching different schools and avenues to expand my education in the health & wellness industry. My heart tells me this is where I need to be, and as scary as it can be I know I have to make a commitment on which school to attend. I’ve been researching since February… that’s 5 long months. I keep thinking that I’ve made the right choice and then I convince myself that I need to do some more research. The funny thing is that I keep coming back to the same school! I am making this promise to the universe today, I have made my choice and am committing to one school.

You could spend your whole life not committing because of fear; fear that you’re making the wrong choice, fear that you’re not getting the best education and designations you could, fear that this isn’t what you’ll want to do for your entire life… but guess what, none of this matters if you don’t take a chance and try something, ANYTHING at all. All that happens is you waste more time. Take a leap of faith and follow your heart today.

So here I am jumping. Eeeekk! Wish me luck.

Daily Affirmation: “I am brave” 


One thought on “Take A Leap Of Faith

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