A Lesson Learned In Gratitude

Over the past few weeks the lesson that life keeps throwing at me is this: In order to fulfil your wildest dreams you must start by being so incredibly grateful for what you have in this present moment. I was finding myself too focused on the future; starting a new career path, imagining my boyfriend happy and fulfilled with his life; picturing myself with a super toned bod. Don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG believer in what you picture in your mind becomes your reality but I was so focused on what I wanted NOW that I was ungrateful for what was in the present. I was feeling like my current job was uninspiring and holding me back; I was irritated when my boyfriend complained and would snap back with a not so heartfelt comment; I would curse my jiggly thighs and be mad at myself if I didn’t work out hard enough. Big mistake. By focusing my energy on being ungrateful for what was I was only creating more negativity. Not anymore! Lesson learned. I am practising being so grateful for every thing in my life just as it is right now. By being utterly grateful and approaching yourself and your life with love, things slowly start to shift into big changes. YOU have the power to love your life right now! The answer lies in gratitude.

Gratitude Quote

Daily affirmation: I am grateful for everything just as it is in this moment. 


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