This morning I tried my first Kombucha, GT’s organic raw Kombucha to be exact. Kombucha is basically just fermented tea with a whole lot of health benefits! To be completely honest I was a little nervous to try it; watching the cultures swirling at the bottom left me a little queasy. I can’t say it was love at first sip but by the time I was halfway through I was sold.

Health benefits of Kombucha:

  • helps to detoxify your body
  • the abundance of antioxidants boosts your immune system
  • helps to improve metabolism
  • regular consumption can help you maintain a healthy liver
  • promotes zen – apparently the tea contains certain acids that can help to calm your body and mind

 This would be a great substitute for hard apple cider on a hot summer day!

Daily Affirmation: “I embrace the unknown without judgement” 

Organic Raw Kombucha



3 thoughts on “Kombucha

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