Spinning Webs

WATCH OUT! A friendly warning to all Vancouverites this time of the year… keep your eyes open for spider webs! I was walking my pup yesterday when she went off the beaten path to this small stream for a drink of water. The flowing water sounded heavenly so I followed her when BAM, spider web all over my face. Shudder. After about 10 seconds of absolute panic (ripping off my hoodie and shaking out my hair) I noticed the spider in question hanging from his half intact web. 

This afternoon, as I was taking my pup out, I almost walked into one again! It was right in the middle of my path on my driveway. I’m always in awe of how spiders create their webs across such vast spaces… but then I imagine them jumping and… let’s not go there. Anyway, I almost walked into this big web but I pulled up and stopped myself about a foot before. Rather than moving on I took a moment to observe and was awe struck by the beauty of what I was seeing. This spider was almost done creating her web; this beautiful, symmetrical piece of art. I took a minute and watched her walk in a spiral around her web, more webbing flowing out from behind her, using such precise movements to lock each strand in place. It was enchanting.

Spider Web

Then I was given the gift of a powerful lesson from this little creature…

Out of nowhere a strong gust of wind blew, detaching one of her main lines and causing the bottom half of her web to give way. She scuttled to the middle and stood still thinking there was a predator. I instantly felt so much compassion for this little creature; all of her hard work was ruined in an instant. I realized though, that this little spider wasn’t put out. She just climbed up to the remaining top half of her web and chilled there, waiting for her lunch to stop by. I imagine that if this was a human, oh the pity they would feel for themselves. All of that hard work for nothing. We can be so silly! Sometimes you have to accept that it is what it is and be happy with what you still have. Granted, in some situations this can be hard to do but ultimately this is life. It knocks you down when you least expect it, but rather than wallow in the hard times let’s be grateful for what remains.

Daily Affirmation: “I surrender myself to the flow of life”


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