Give Your Body Some Love With Dry-Body Brushing

Have you tried dry body brushing yet? It is heavenly! Below are three reasons why you should include dry body brushing in your daily or weekly routine.

(1) You’re helping your body remove toxins:
Body brushing is a great method to help move toxins through your lymphatic system AKA your body’s garbage disposal system.  Your lymph system removes waste products from cells and transfers them to the bloodstream where it is ultimately circulated out of your body. Lymph vessels, which absorb, collect and transport waste throughout your body are equipped with one way valves which propel the waste towards your heart, where it can be circulated and finally leave your body. This lymph fluid (aka toxin carrier) is moved by muscle contraction, breathing, or application of external pressure – such as a dry body brush! Brush in circular motions towards your heart. I like to start at my feet and move upwards.

(2) It provides a huge dose of self-love:
For me, dry body brushing helps me to reconnect with my body. I spend at least 5 minutes (usually more) meticulously covering every inch of my body, observing it and showering it with love. I thank each part of my body for doing its job as I brush over it. Other great affirmations for when you’re dry body brushing are “I love and accept myself” and “I am helping my body function at its highest level”.

(3) It helps to clear skin blemishes:
Two words ladies – goodbye cellulite! A lot of sources claim that after dry body brushing for an extended period of time cellulite diminishes. It makes sense – as you’re applying pressure to those trouble spots you’re massaging and breaking apart the fatty tissues causing the dimply appearance to fade away.
It also helped me in clearing up blemishes. I don’t recommend using a dry body brush on your face as it can be quite abrasive but if you have blemishes elsewhere it can help clear up your skin. For example once I made the switch to Tom’s natural deodorant I found that I was breaking out under my arms – not a pleasant experience! After a few weeks of dry body brushing under my arms the blemishes completely cleared up.

Let me know why you love dry body brushing in the comments below.

Daily Affirmation: “I love every inch of my body” 


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