Angels Among Us

I would like to preface this by saying that I am not religious. My beliefs lie in Mother Nature and the wonders that she creates. As you might know, in 2011 my best friend Kelly passed away. Since then I have received numerous messages from her letting me know that she’s still here with me. Big enough signs that I have no doubt that angels are among us in some sense.

On Thursday evening at the end of my class our teacher led us through a guided meditation. He led us to a forest and encouraged us to take in the sights, sounds and smells around us. As I walked into my fictional forest I was instantly with Kelly. We were walking down a winding path, tall trees arching over us, with beautiful golden-brown and red leaves dropping down onto the path in front of us. I specifically remember the colour of the trees, the crunching of the leaves under our feet as we jumped on them, and the far away sound of chickadee birds chirping. When the meditation ended I knew that I wanted to find some way to honour her the next day. I decided to go visit her grave.

As I was driving to the cemetery on Friday traffic was crazy. What would have normally been a 10 minute drive was easily going to take over an hour. As I was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic my boyfriend called and I spoke out loud that I might turn around and visit Kel another day. I told my boyfriend that I would decide in the next 2 minutes and call him back. Right after I hung up the phone, a song came on the radio… not just any song, Kel’s song. It was a song that she was in love with in the weeks leading up to her accident and that she requested to be played at her funeral should she ever die young. I hadn’t heard it in months so I was surprised when it came on. This was enough of a sign for me to commit to sticking through the traffic and going to visit her. I’m so happy that I did as she had another gift for me once I got to the cemetery. As I walked up the winding path to her grave I was hit with déjà-vu. It was exactly the same as my imaginary meditation forest the night before. Big golden-brown leaves drifted down from the sky and crunched underneath my feet. As I was cluing in to the similarities I heard a chickadee start chirping in the distance. My little angel had sent me this vision in my meditation to come visit her and gave me the gift of the real thing the next day. I chose to take it as a sign that she’s still here with me, playing, loving, laughing, and supporting me. I believe angels are with us all the time, sometimes we just need to look a little deeper for the subtle messages they leave us.


Daily Affirmation: “The universe is a beautiful mystery that supports me”

The Band Perry If I Die Young


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