Healthy Halloween Treats

Confession… I love Halloween! I love the spookiness, deciding what costume to wear, creating the costume, dressing up, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, decorating my house like a graveyard, ugly warty gourds, pumpkin patches, carving pumpkins, the magical moment when you light the candle in your pumpkin and turn out the lights… I love it all! Candy included. I’m very proud of Matt and I as we haven’t bought ANY candy boxes this year. We’ve only had a few Reese’s Pieces peanut butter cups from the bulk isle when we were grocery shopping. Pretty amazing for a couple that annually devours the 114 piece Nestle Halloween candy box well before Oct-31.

As a proud nutrition student I wanted to showcase a few super fun and healthy Halloween snacks this year. Yes I used healthy and Halloween in the same sentence… you’ll believe me soon 😉

Witch Fingers: Attach almond slivers to the end of carrots with your favourite healthy dip to create the witch fingers. Stick 5 witch-fingers into the dip bowl. Serve your dip with extra witch-fingers on the side.

Healthy Halloween Treats - Witch Fingers

Apple Bites: Core an apple and cut it into quarters. Cut out the middle section of each quarter to create a mouth shape. Insert slivered almonds into the mouth to create vampire teeth.

Healthy Halloween Treats - Apple Bites

Boo-nanas: Peel bananas and cut in half. Use regular size chocolate chips for the mouth and mini size chocolate chips for the eyes.

Healthy Halloween Treats - Boonanas

Mandarin Pumpkins: Peel mandarin oranges and insert small celery sticks as the stems.

Healthy Halloween Treats - Mandarin Orange Pumpkins

Witch Brooms: You’ll need pretzel sticks, cheese strings and chives for this cute treat. Cut cheese strings into sections. Use scissors to cut fringes on one end of the cheese section to create the broom ends. Insert pretzel sticks into the cheese with the fringe end facing downwards. Finish by tying a chive in a bow around the top of the cheese to keep it in place.

Healthy Halloween Treats - Witch Brooms

Happy Haunting!


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