A Brief Encounter With Eternal Love

For me, when it comes down to it, all there is is love. I believe when we return to spirit form we will once again be bathed in unwavering, pure, eternal love. Occasionally I’m so lucky to have brief glimpses of this type of love here on earth. I’ve had friends find it at music festivals, during sacred ceremonies, even on wild iowaska trips; a feeling of pure connection, love and compassion. Last night was one such occasion for me. The launch of a book created by someone very special; a story of a mother’s journey through the loss of her son. Raw, real and full of emotion. The book itself sharing many glimpses of this eternal love. During the evening, a beautiful reading was done which brought me to tears but also filled me with more love than I’ve felt in a long time. For a few hours afterwards I was vibrating on a different level. I felt like I consisted of nothing but love and compassion. It was a beautiful, brief connection to the universal eternal love.

Daily Affirmation: “A universal love runs through me, even when I cannot feel it, it is there supporting and fuelling me”  


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