Time Will Tell

I’m not sure if it’s because we’re nearing the end of 2013, or if it’s because I’ve made some big life changes recently, but for the past few weeks I’ve been stuck in this non stop go-go-go mindset. You know the one; never ending to-do lists, goal setting, so many things on your mind that they start slipping through the cracks.

I found myself lost in the future. I was so focused on what was coming next that I was losing site of the present. Life is one beautiful balancing act between present and future. I strive to find peace and stillness in the now, while maintaining my proactive drive for what’s to come.

I was out of balance, lost in the future, imagining how I was going to jump to the next stepping stone. I was asking myself questions like “Do I want this forever?” What a heavy question! And one that I couldn’t possibly answer as I don’t yet know who my future self will be. Just thinking of how much I’ve changed from 2011 to today, I imagine it will be a pretty crazy ride leading me to many different places.

So there I was pondering this silly question when a beautiful phrase came to me… “You don’t need to decide right now. Live in the moment on this one and time will unfold the answer.”

It was such a release. Instantly all this pressure that I was putting on myself was gone. Sometimes we must surrender and release control to time, trusting that everything will unfold naturally.

Here’s my challenge to you: think of one thing that’s weighing on your mind and release it to the universe. Let time unfold the answer to you.

time will tell

Daily Affirmation:  “I surrender myself to the ebb and flow of life” 


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