Take Time To Reflect

My office started something new this week, something super simple but profound. On Monday morning, as we gathered for our daily huddle, my boss asked us to each to rate our work lives and our personal lives on a scale from 1 to 10. At first I thought it was kind of cool, a great gauge to see how everyone is doing, however by day two I noticed that it had a deep impact on me. Just by asking myself the simple question of “what would I rate my life right now” provided the opportunity to reflect and check in with myself. If I felt myself sitting at a lower than normal number I would think What can I do to move this to a 9? This again provided deep reflection and opened up space for gratitude for what already was, and a drive to make positive changes.

So lovely readers, I ask you:
How would you rate your personal and/or professional lives today?
What can you do to move those numbers up to a 9? Or maybe even a 10? 😉

Take some time to reflect.

Daily Affirmation: “I am actively creating a 10 out of 10 life” 


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