Less Doing, More Being

Hello beautiful! I’m so happy that you’re here reading this, but, once you’re done I encourage you to get off the computer and go BE! Just be – don’t do anything but rather be still, be quite, be curious, be observant, be one with nature.

Most days I make lists. I love them. I feel a surge of accomplishment when I can cross off a task and declare it complete. As we gear up for the holidays I find that my lists are getting longer and more frequent. Sometimes I’ll have three different lists for one day… seriously. It’s a mild addiction! They say awareness if the first step to recovery, right? 

So here I am, self declared list lover, sitting in yoga class recently when my teacher said something simple and profound (my favourite kind of sayings).

We are human beings, not human doings.

We need to invite more being and less doing into our lives. During a conversation at dinner tonight the topic turned to stress and the havoc it can cause on our health. One doctor has termed that it’s due to a “lack of margin” in people lives. He states that people are so busy, and their daily to-do lists are so compact, that there is no margin for error. If one task runs late then the rest of the day spirals out of control. This creates more stress. And it goes on and on; stress perpetuating stress. He prescribes his patients to include a margin for error in their schedules. And if need be, to schedule family time, time to play with their kids, time to just be. I love it! So let’s join in the fun, I challenge you to join me in less doing and more being this coming week. Start with  20 minutes per day and go from there. Any amount of time being is a benefit.

Much love and gratitude, 

Daily Affirmation: “Time is my friend. All that I need will come to me at the right time and place.” 

Less Doing, More Being


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