Quick Fixes for Holiday Indulgences

December 19 – where has the time gone! As I’m sure you can relate, life is busy busy busy this time of year. Often I find that I focus on what I’m not doing but this year I’ve decided to focus on all of the positives: quality time with family, amazing memories being made with my best friends, glamming it up with my babe at Christmas parties, lazy Sundays spent watching holiday movies, I feel pretty lucky! That said, with this hectic schedule I’ve found it hard to squeeze in everything that I want to.

Here are some of my quick fixes for the busy holiday season:

Situation: No time to work out
Quick Fix 1: squeeze in a round of 8 Minute Abs – literally, it’s 8 minutes, everyone has time for that.
Quick Fix 2: take a walk or run on your lunch break. After 20 – 30 minutes of breathing in fresh air and getting your blood pumping, I promise your afternoon will be 10x more productive. 

Situation: No time to meditate
Quick Fix 1: squeeze it in where ever you can – I think an attempt is better than nothing at all. I will close my eyes and focus on my breathing while I’m blow-drying my hair or if I’m on the bus I’ll pop on my headphones, close my eyes and listen to a 5 minute mediation from You Tube. This is one of my favourties. 

Situation: Over-indulging in food
Quick Fix 1: The morning after, make yourself a green juice or green smoothie for breakfast. Your body will thank you for the nutritional burst. Throw some flax or chia seeds in it to get things moving 😉
Quick Fix 2: Ok so this is more of a ‘plan-ahead’ but if you know you’re going out for a big dinner at night challenge yourself to eat clean up until dinner. No sugar, no refined cards (aka more sugar) just greens, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes.

Situation: Over-indulging in drink
Quick Fix 1: Pop a multi B vitamin in the morning. Drinking depletes your body of important vitamins. Your liver relies heavily on B vitamins to detox effectively.
Quick Fix 2: Oil pull. I don’t know about you, but after a night of having a few too many drinks my mouth feels disgusting. Oil pulling is the best way I’ve found to remove those nasty toxins from my mouth. I use coconut oil, let it heat up in my mouth, than swish it around for 10-15 minutes. DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL! Spit it out into your garbage. Brush your teeth, and voila, you’ll be feeling better already. Squeeze in oil-pulling while you’re walking your dog or taking a shower. 

What are your quick fixes for surviving holiday indulgences? I’d love to hear them. 

Happy Holidays!


Daily Affirmation: “I am doing the best I can, with the tools I have available right now” 


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