Speaking Words of Love

I’m reading a really cool book right now called the 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace by Gary Chapman. You might recognize him better as the author of the 5 Love Languages. The book has really shed some light on (1) how impactful it can be to compliment someone on their inherent character traits and (2) how often we don’t do this. To back up a bit, the book does discuss in detail all 5 languages of appreciation, words of affirmation is one of the five and it may not be the best language for everyone but it sure awoke something in me. Not so much the idea of receiving, but how powerful it can be to give genuine words of affirmation to those you appreciate.

Countless times throughout the day I marvel at the kindness, thoughtfulness and ingenuity of my coworkers, friends and family but I rarely comment on it. Sure I might say something more main stream like thank you, great job or you’re the best, but I rarely say “I really appreciate your kindness, it moves me to be a kinder person.” How much more impactful is that!

So I’m making a point to focus on appreciating people for their character strengths, and to let then know why they are so amazing.

Who are you thankful for in your life? What exactly do they do that make you so thankful? I challenge you to go let them know that today.


Daily Affirmation: “I am grateful for the abundance in my life and I share it with those I love and value”


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