Landing On The Stars…

Have you ever heard this phrase? I’ve always loved this one.

Shoot for the Moon

This is a gentle reminder that the stars are a pretty amazing place to be.

I am a big believer in planning, I love it and it’s served me well so far. On Sunday I often plan my ideals for the week; for example,my ideal exercise regime (run x 3, yoga x 4, weights x 2) or my ideal morning routine (wake up at 630am, practice yoga, walk the dog, oil pull, dry body brush, shower, etc). Sometimes I attain them and I feel like a rockstar, jumping on the moon. However, more often than not life gets in the way and I miss something. For a long time I would mentally beat myself up if I didn’t tick all the boxes. One day I woke up and realized that the guilt this brought on was not serving me. I tried to banish lists for a while but that didn’t serve me either (I love my to do lists). So, I have decided the best course of action is to make peace with the fact that I might not always achieve all of my ideals; I might have missed the moon this time but the view from the stars is pretty stellar too. 

Daily Affirmation: “I deserve to celebrate all of my achievements, large and small.”


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