There Are No Endings

Today marks 3 years… I still can’t quite believe it. Some times I still reach for my phone to call you, I wonder if that instinct will ever leave me. There’s countless times that something silly happens that only you would get and I wish I could laugh about it with you. I still smile as I picture your reaction. It’s a very weird thing to feel so connected to someone and yet not be in the same realm as them. I sense your spirit, and I feel you laughing with me, but it’s hard to comprehend. Some days my heart still aches, truly and deeply aches, and I tell myself how lucky I am that I our friendship ran so deep that I know a piece of my heart is with you forever. Often I wish you were here to hug, and laugh, and play with but I know you are where you’re meant to be. I also know that our souls run deep and that our paths will cross again one day. Until then I cherish you for everything you’ve taught me, and all that you continue to teach me even now.

~ live in the moment ~
~ appreciate the little things ~
~ look closely for the tiny miracles, once you see a few the world becomes a place of magic ~ 
~ ask for help ~
~ laugh often ~
~ if it’s not serving you, let it go, this life is too precious to waste time with worry ~
~ if you feel it in your soul, believe in it with everything you’ve got, even if you can’t see it ~

It makes me wonder, is there ever really an ending or does life move on like one big ocean, ebbing and flowing…

There Are No Endings

Daily Affirmation: “A universal love runs through me and supports me every day.”


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