100 Questions

For my current class, Psychology of Disease, I was assigned to write down 100 questions in one sitting, without any breaks. The thought behind it is that your conscious brain will spit out the first 20 questions and after that you’ll need to start digging a little deeper. Even if you write down the same question 10 times, take it as a sign that it’s one question that you really need to answer.

It turned out to be a super inspirational exercise! Here are the questions that came to me. I challenge you to try this yourself, or take the time to reflect over some of mine below.

Happy Soulful Saturday! Xo


  1. What is your purpose?
  2. What inspires you?
  3. What holds you back?
  4. What are your confirmed addictions?
  5. What are your possible addictions?
  6. Are there good addictions?
  7. Who is your higher power?
  8. What is your higher power?
  9. How do you communicate with the divine?
  10. Why are you at IHN?
  11. What is your goal after IHN?
  12. What is your goal today?
  13. When is the last time you spent a day without a goal?
  14. Why do you always need a to do list?
  15. What would life look like without a to do list?
  16. What is time?
  17. Why are you bound by time?
  18. Is time even real?
  19. How do you take care of yourself?
  20. How do you ignore yourself?
  21. How do you restore yourself?
  22. What makes you happy?
  23. What make you false-happy?
  24. What’s the difference between joy and happiness?
  25. What do you fear?
  26. What’s your greatest fear?
  27. Why does that scare you?
  28. Could you conquer your fears?
  29. What are some ways you could possibly conquer your fears?
  30. What does courage mean to you?
  31. How do you show courage?
  32. When have you shown courage?
  33. How do you feel when you practice courage?
  34. What is love?
  35. How do you know when you’re in love versus loving something?
  36. Can you love without the ego being attached?
  37. How does your ego show up?
  38. How do you feel when you live from an egotistical viewpoint?
  39. How do you feel when you live from a non-egotistical viewpoint?
  40. How do you know the difference?
  41. How can you get yourself out of an ego-based life?
  42. How do you practice vulnerability?
  43. When are you vulnerable?
  44. How can you bring more vulnerability into you life?
  45. Do you like feeling vulnerable?
  46. Do you think vulnerability is encouraged by society?
  47. How are you encouraged?
  48. Who encourages you?
  49. How do you feel when you are encouraged?
  50. How do you feel when you’re not encouraged?
  51. How do you feel when you’re not heard?
  52. Why would someone not listen to you?
  53. Do you speak up enough?
  54. Do you speak your truth?
  55. How does it feel when you speak your truth?
  56. How does it feel when you don’t?
  57. What would prevent you from speaking your truth?
  58. What are you passionate about?
  59. What are your BIG passions?
  60. What are your little passions?
  61. How often do you honour your passions?
  62. What drives you?
  63. What inspires you?
  64. How do you stay inspired?
  65. Where do you seek inspiration?
  66. Are you inspired enough?
  67. Do you feel uninspired?
  68. What could you implement into your life to feel inspired everyday?
  69. How do you speak to yourself?
  70. Are you kind to yourself?
  71. Why or why not?
  72. How can you be kinder to yourself?
  73. How do you speak to others?
  74. How do you show up in the world?
  75. Are you showing up how you want to show up?
  76. Are you proud of yourself?
  77. Why or why not?
  78. What makes you feel proud?
  79. What can you introduce to your life that would make you proud?
  80. Are you proud of your relationships?
  81. Are there any relationships that you can let go of?
  82. Are there any relationships that you want to strengthen?
  83. How close are you to your family?
  84. When was the last time you connected with nature?
  85. How do you feel about nature?
  86. Do you believe in life after death?
  87. What do you believe in?
  88. Why do you believe that?
  89. Do you need to see it to believe it or do you just know?
  90. How do you maintain faith without seeing?
  91. Are you in touch with your emotions?
  92. How can you get more in touch with your emotions?
  93. When was the last time you felt joy?
  94. When was the last time you felt heartache?
  95. When was the last time your told yourself I love you?
  96. How can you tell yourself I love you more often?
  97. How can you feel more proud of yourself?
  98. How can you take better care of yourself?
  99. How can you take better care of the people you love?
  100. How did you find this exercise?

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