Notes From The Universe

I woke up on Friday morning with an amazingly insightful note from the universe. It brought me so much support and self compassion that I wanted to share it with you:

“Would it make any difference if you knew that we understand, deeply, the battles you’ve waged? To know that we’ve approved of the choices you’ve made? That you have your own fan club here? That on the weekends we watch movie clips of your life? That every single morning we celebrate your birthday? That what you’ve learned, you’ve taught us all?

Would it make any difference if you knew that sometimes when no one’s watching, we each, in our own way, pretend to be you?

Well, whether or not it makes a difference… YOU have.”

Jolly good show,
   The Universe

Every single one of us deserves a fan club, and we all have one – the universe! Our lives are interwoven and I hope that this will inspire you to support everyone and everything around you.

For your own daily inspiration make sure to sign up for Notes From The Universe today!


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