Alphabet Gratitude

For the month of May I’ve been focusing on re-building and re-grounding myself. April was crazy busy and work preoccupied the majority of my time. I really let go of of the things that made me fundamentally happy so that I could focus on just getting through each day and accomplishing the stuff I needed to. There was definitely some positive moments  but for the most part it sucked to knowingly lose touch with what makes me happy, but it was a temporary sacrifice. I knew that May would be tough as I re-established old habits that make me happy. One new tool I found was the alphabet gratitude. You can do it alone, or with a group of friends, by going through each letter of the alphabet in order and writing down one thing that you’re grateful for that starts with that letter. Repeat as many times as you wish. Here goes!

A – Ayurveda: I’m taking Ayurveda in school right now and I’m absolutely loving it. Learning about the doshas has given me so much more self compassion.

B – Brave: I love the feeling of being brave and I feel brave right now as I rebuild myself.

C – Compassion: I’m grateful for compassion for myself, others, and the compassion that I see in the world around me.

D – Dave: Dave is my dad, one of the most inspiring men that I know, and also the name of the newest member of the Heesterman clan, a puppy rescued from the streets of LA who we just so happen to be dog sitting this weekend!

E – Engaged!: Matt proposed to me three weeks ago – I’m on cloud nine. He’s the best guy and he makes me a better person.

F – Fiance: It is really just so fun to say “good morning fiance” every single day! It hasn’t gotten old yet 😉

G – Golf: In a few weeks and bunch of us will be heading up to Princeton for the 4th annual Mike Gibson Memorial Golf Tournament. I can’t wait!

H – Heesterman: the greatest family I could ask to marry into. They’re so loving, accepting and fun!

I – Intuition: I’ve been listening to my intuition more lately and it’s been serving me well. It’s pretty exciting when you start to notice when and how your intuition speaks to you.

J – Jerry: My step dad and one the of happiest, funniest, most sarcastic people I know. I’m so grateful he’s in my life.

K – Kobe & Kelly: I couldn’t pick just one. Kobe is the worlds best dog for me! She’s strong, stubborn and smart as hell. She’s so fun to spend the day with. Kelly was my bestie and I’m so happy that I had her in my life. She’s still teaching me so much in her after-life.

L – LOVE: I love being in love. It’s fulfilling, supportive and joyful but also hard, challenging, and pushes me to places I don’t always want to go but I’m sure grateful for it.

M – Matt & Mom!: Two of my favourite people ever.

N – Nature: My one and only, let me be with the trees and the beach and I’ll be happy forever.

O – Opportunity: for recognizing it, and being brave enough to let go and pursue it.

P – Patience: I’m grateful for the little bit I posses and really grateful for the patience that is offered to me, especially from Matt.

Q – Questions: I ask myself a billion questions a day. I love getting curious and finding the answers to things. The answer to me is not so important as the question itself.

R – Rest: taking time to unwind.

S – Space: space to be alone is so important to me.

T – Touch: There’s is nothing better than touch, the feeling of energy passing from one person to another: embraces, massage, kissing, I love it all.

U – Universe: It’s so freaking magical. I’m in awe every day. Did anyone see the moon last week? The universe is the best!

V – Vitality: Feeling alive, living on the edge a little bit to get the blood flowing.

W – Wild Unknown: I purchased my first set of Tarot cards this weekend illustrated by the Wild Unknown, a seriously amazing artist. I feel so grateful each time I pick up the deck.

X – XXVI: X was hard so I resorted to roman numerals! XXVI or 26, the number of years I’ve been on this beautiful planet. I’m grateful for every breath.

Y – Youth: I’m grateful for my own youth and for the youth of really little youngsters in my life lately; my cousins baby girl, my brother’s soon to be baby girl, and friends who are having their own lil ones. I’ve reached the “baby era” 😉

Z – Zest: This one is two-fold, zest for life and lemon zest, both equally amazing in my opinion.
I hope you enjoy this exercise. Have fun with it!


Daily Affirmation: “I live an abundant life bursting with gratitude.” 




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