As you may (or may not) have noticed I have taken quite the break from the blogosphere! I left as I was seeking a life un-plugged. I simply felt worn out. I have this one friend at school and every Monday and Thursday we would politely ask each other “How are you doing?!” and we both always answered with something like “ohh I’m okay” or “I’m hanging in there” or “I’m just getting through the day”. I loved the honesty in which we could answer but it made me realize that I needed a break from everything I could break from. Hence the hiatus.

But now I’m back baby and I’m excited! I’ve started this evening with a re-set of my online information. I strongly believe that we are what we think and a lot of what I think about comes from my daily social media stream. Like many people (although I’m sure a lot would deny it) I start my day with my phone. It’s my alarm clock and when it’s done it’s job of waking me up one of the first things I do is read my personal emails. (I made the wise choice to disconnect my work email a long time ago. If you are able to afford yourself this luxury I highly recommend you do so now.) I realized one day that I was reading a lot of crap. So tonight hit the re-set button in three easy steps:

  1. I un-subscribed from every email that was no longer serving me and only kept the good ones.
  2. I setup folders so my email would automatically file the good ones to keep (40% off at Banana, hello!) but not something that I needed to see everyday.
  3. I edited my TUT subscription so that I now receive a beautiful note from the universe each morning. If you’re not on TUT yet you should check it out ASAP. Imagine starting your morning with beautiful notes like:

You don’t have to do “it” right, Kelly, you just have to try to do it right.

And then you will have done it right.

Works for me,
The Universe

In all this took no more than 20 minutes and I swear I feel lighter already.


Daily Affirmation: “With a full heart I embrace everything in my life that serves me and graciously release that which doesn’t”


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