Letting Go Of Our Agendas

I had a pretty amazing experience this past Friday – coaching with horses! Seriously, I spent an afternoon with these beautiful, intuitive, sensitive, insightful beings, and boy did they teach me a lot about myself.

I was lucky enough to jump at the opportunity to spend an afternoon at the Epona Rise Retreat Centre in Delta, BC with life coaches Hillary Schneider and Evelyn McKelvie. You can learn more about their work here: Upcoming Events. The afternoon consisted of a lovely meet and greet with the other wonderful women in attendance; we set our intentions for the afternoon, and then we went out into the field for 2+ hours and spent time bonding with their horses. All seven of the horses are retired riding horses, and came to Epona Rise for a new purpose in life.

My greatest takeaway from the event was to let go of my own agenda. I realized that I go into situations with pre-determined outcomes in my head, but rarely does life go the way I want. Case in point, I entered the field last Friday and so badly wanted to bond with a horse and have an experience. I did spend time with them, but at the end I didn’t feel I had the experience I had expected. My high, unrealistic, un-met expectations left me feeling let down, and uninspired. I realized that I was putting wayyy too much pressure on myself and my future, instead of letting things unfold naturally.

At the end of the session we sat in a circle in the field and shared our own learning from the afternoon. I went first and told the group that I realized I had to drop my agenda and be more open to things as they unfold. What was AWESOME was that as soon as I shared this and let my own agenda go, two of the horses walked over to me and stated nuzzling my head and one laid down next to me. Pretty cool! So I got my wish after I let go of my agenda.

Letting Go

Bonding with Horses

What are some areas in your life where you can let go of your own agenda?

Daily Affirmation: “I surrender to the natural flow of life and trust that it will unfold exactly as it should” 



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