Food Matters IQ Challenge

Today Food Matters released an online IQ challenge to test your nutrition knowledge – pretty cool!

“These days everyone is talking about nutrition and it’s awesome to see that so many people are learning more and more every day.

Each time we interview an expert for our films we are totally blown away by the knowledge they hold. We walk away with new information that we just can’t wait to share with the world. We thought we would have a little fun celebrating a new partnership with studying nutrition with IIN so we’ve put together the FM IQ CHALLENGE! 

It’s lots of fun, only takes a few moments and we can all enjoy the journey to empowering ourselves with more nutrition knowledge.”

As a student of the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver I couldn’t wait to put my nutrition knowledge to the test. A lot of the questions pertained to the Food Matters movie and interviews they have conducted. Even though it’s been many moons since I’ve seen the video I was still able to answer the questions based on my studies and nutritional knowledge. In all I scored a 21/25. Not bad! Still opportunity to learn new things 🙂

Here’s a few cool things I learned from this quiz:

  • Aspartame, one of the most dangerous food additives, is labelled as code E951 on food labels. I seriously dislike aspartame. Every time I eat gum with aspartame (I know, I shouldn’t be eating gum), I get horrible stomach cramps within a few hours.
  • Sulfur is an amazing mineral! It has the ability to continuously build and repair collagen and keratin, and is important for blood sugar regulation and tissue repair.
  • Stay away from Monosodium Glutamate! This food additive, labelled as e621, is used to make mice fat when testing new drugs for obesity. I imagine it effects us very similarly.

Ready to test your knowledge? (I’ve already given away 3 answers) Take the test now. The challenge ends September 13.

Did you learn something new? Please share it in the comments below!


Daily Affirmation: “I pursue every opportunity nourish my mind with new knowledge.” 


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