Listening To Your Intuition

The divine, intuition, a higher power, mother nature; there are many ways to define it but I’m talking about that moment when you just know. You know you have to do something, or not do something, or you know that you’re on the right path, or that you need to jump ship immediately. That moment of pure clarity when you just know.

How does your intuition speak to you?

I notice the divine in three distinct ways; body chills, the number 21, and repetition.

Body Chills: The chills usually come over me in conversation; something someone says resonates with me and I know I need to explore the subject deeper. I used to brush it off as a chill and nothing more, but now I keep notice of these moments and explore the subject deeper when the shivers come.

The Number 21: 21 was my best friends favourite number. After her passing I did some work with ISA, the International Spiritualist Alliance, and after one session with a medium I started to notice the number 21 everywhere I went. It was almost like she was so excited that we made a connection that she wanted to say Hi! every chance she could. It was, and still is, so comforting. This number will often come up when I need support, or as a simple reminder that I’m on the right track. For example, there was one night recently that was really emotional for me. I left school and about a block into my walk home tears just started to pour down my face. I felt a mixture of grief, anger, gratitude, but mostly just a huge emotional release. I normally take the same route home but that night I was compelled to walk over the bridge instead. I felt my intuition and I listened. As I was walking over the bridge a light to my left suddenly flickered as I walked by. This caused a reaction to look to the right suddenly to avoid the glare, and as I looked down over the bridge the first thing I saw was parking spot number 21. I took it as a sign from my guardian angel saying hello, that she was there for me, and that I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Repetition: I bet a lot of you have experienced this before; a new word is introduced to your vocabulary and suddenly you hear it EVERYWHERE. Sure, we’re more attuned to it now that its on our minds but what if it means something more? Have you ever had this happen with an idea or a project? Maybe the divine is trying to point something out to you.

How do you communicate with your intuition?

Do you listen? Do you say thank you? Do you ignore it?

I challenge you to just be aware, take the time to hear what your intuition is telling you and then observe how you react to it. Remember that you always have a choice. Intuition will be your best guide, but I know sometimes I don’t listen as I need to learn the lesson many times over until I really get it.


Daily Affirmation: “I trust my inner wisdom” 



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