Finding Gratitude For Yourself

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!

I woke up this morning feeling a little less than grateful. I’m going through a time in my life where I just feel like I can’t get it right. Do you know what I mean? My rational mind keeps telling me it’s because I’m stressed, but it’s difficult for my emotional mind to stay focused on that and I’m often left with the feeling of just not being enough. It’s true, I am stressed juggling work, school, and wedding planning. Not to mention I went to visit my best friends gravestone yesterday. I felt strong and composed at the cemetery but it absolutely takes it tole on me. So back to this morning… feeling a little less than grateful was putting strain on my relationship. I woke up with all of these horrible thoughts of not being enough racing through my head and unconsciously put that on my fiance. All that did was amplify the mean thoughts racing through my mind. So I decided it was time to face these thoughts head on. I found a pen and a piece of paper and I wrote down every thought that was running through my head on the left side of my paper. It wasn’t pretty as the paper filled with phrases such as “I cry too much”, “I’m mean”, “I’m stupid”, “I’m not worthy”, “I never get it right”, “I’m a failure”, “I drive people away”, and “I hate myself”. These thoughts have been stuck in my mind for weeks and I felt that it was time to really look at them. After writing them all down and reviewing them, I turned to the right side of my piece of paper. This was the fun part. I took each of my negative phrases and made them positive. The right side of my paper was full of beautiful, supportive messages like “I’m in touch with my feelings”, “I’m nice”, “I’m smart”, “I am worthy”, “I try my best”, “I’m a success”, “I attract people”, and “I love myself”. I re-read my positive list about three or four times and afterwards I felt really good. I finally feel like I’m back in control of my emotions because I faced my negative thoughts head on. It was scary, but I ended up feeling liberated. I know in my heart that it’s all about perspective and now I’m choosing to look at the positive.

Daily Affirmation: “I choose to focus on the positive in my life” 


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