Magical Rainbows

Ah, the power of the universe never fails to amaze me. Little, or in this case big, messages from my angel Kel. Two big beautiful rainbows on very important nights. Her way of reminding me that “Hey! I’m still looking out for you!”. I’m so grateful for all the magic brought into my life by her. Some might call it coincidence, others might agree that it is a message from the angels, I think it comes down to our own views of the world and what we’ve been through. What I once thought was coincidence I now often seen as a sign from the universe that I’m on the right path. I believe that our brains are designed to look for the patterns, and coincidence is a way of pointing that pattern out to us, but could it also be guidance from our higher power? The interpretation is up to you. One such coincidence happened to me this summer…. I truly believe that it was a message from an angle, my best friend, Kelly.

Coincidence 1

I’m engaged! Matt and I got engaged on May-2! It was beautiful, and romantic, and just perfect for us. As we we’re having a celebratory dinner on a local mountain all of a sudden this beautiful rainbow broke out across the evening sky:

Rainbow 1

We're engaged!

Coincidence 2

Matt and I won our wedding on June-27! Seriously. It was through one of our local news stations. I know, pretty crazy right? Crazy wonderful! That same night we drove up to the Okanagan and as we were recounting the story of our big win with friends, a beautiful rainbow broke out across the evening sky.

rainbow 2

Coincidence? Maybe to some. To me, I choose to see it as the smile of my best friend sharing in these amazing moments of my life.

Daily affirmation: “I choose to see the magic in my life”


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