Setting Intentions

Yesterday I had the pleasure of realizing that our days can be transformed with one little thought, an intention.

I started my morning on my yoga mat and set the intention to commit. I intended to commit to spending time in nature and to visiting the cemetery where my best friend is laid to rest. I felt like lately I had been acting like a leaf, floating through the winds of life, changing course with each new gust. This can be fabulous, when the time is right, but I felt disconnected and deeply wanted to commit to these two actions. Boy, was I put to the test! It was serene to be so mindful of the tests, and it was all because of the intention I had set that morning. I had planned a hike that evening with two friends, one cancelled early in the day as she had an appointment that she forgot about. The second cancelled in the afternoon as she was not feeling well. No problem, I thought! I still had my best hiking buddy, my dog Kobe. When I arrived home from work, Matt had taken Kobe with him, forgetting that I was hiking that afternoon. Now, normally at this point I would throw the cards in and call it a day. But no, I had set the intention to commit to a hike and to visiting Kel. I was driven to accomplish these two things. I got the car, picked up Kobe, and went on a beautiful hike on the North Shore. When I arrived at one of my favourite trails, I had to laugh as the city was doing construction and the main trail entrance was 100% closed. I even tried to see if I could sneak in somewhere but it was fully gated. Another test! I took it in stride and we explored the river and had a blast. After reconnecting with nature, I took a moment to upload a photo of my dog on instagram. As the photo was uploading the number 21 dashed across my screen, a lovely reminder from my angel to not forget my second commitment. I headed to the cemetery and, you guessed it, they were closed! I was determined at this point, so I took my flowers, tarot cards, and blanket and found a beaten side trail that led me to her resting place. It was a beautiful day. Due to one small intention to commit, set early that morning, I was able to connect with my dog, spend time with the sun, the trees, the river, visit Kelly and have a really special, uplifting card reading. I felt proud of myself for committing. As I went to bed that night, I was awed by the power of intention and it’s ability to shape our days.

I challenge you to set an intention for your day tomorrow. Watch your day unfold around your intention, and let me know what you notice in the comments below.


Daily Affirmation: “I choose love” 

Kobe in the river bed


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