A Feel-Awesome Morning Routine

Hello beautiful readers,

This past weekend was Thanksgiving in Canada, which means family, friends, turkey, alll the trimming and lots of vino! One word that sums up this year’s Thanksgiving feast is indulgent. It was also bursting with love and light, however when I woke up this morning all I felt was over-indulged. I felt sluggish, bloated, and all around inflamed. My mind was racing and I knew I could listen to the chatter or I could pull out my yoga mat and recenter. Below is my fail-safe plan to feel awesome in the morning and start your day right:

  1. Coffee: grab a cup of organic, fair trade coffee and savour the heck out of it. I prefer mine with cinnamon and almond milk. Here’s the trick though, stick with just one cup and then switch to herbal tea. I find that when I listen to my body, by the 7th or 8th sip I no longer want coffee. I can feel my cells craving a hot herbal tea. Listen to your body and find what’s right for you.
  2. Yoga: Move, stretch and breathe deeply. There is no better way to start your day. Except maybe yoga outside in nature.
  3. Gratitude: Write down what you’re grateful for. This morning I found that my mind was racing during yoga. I was over-analyzing and focusing on the negative. I sat down at my computer and typed up a gratitude list. Either set a timer or go until you run out of ideas. This had a HUGE impact on my day. I found that I was able to see the positive in little things that would normally bother me. I firmly believe that our brains are trained to find the pattern. I’m always searching for the pattern. By creating a pattern of positivity (through a gratitude list), you will begin to see positivity pop up everywhere.
  4. Play Outside: Nature, nature, nature. There is no better healer than nature. Grab your dog, bundle up in that cute new scarf and head outside for a walk among the trees. Stop and take a few deep breaths and appreciate how miraculous nature is.
  5. Read: If I’m in a really negative mind space one of the best ways to change my thought pattern is by getting lost in a good book. I’m currently listening to The Compound Effect. I turned on my audio book on my commute into work this morning and got lost in new concepts.
  6. Nourish: Fuel your body with whole foods. One sure fire way to crash is to eat processed foods high in refined sugar. Get creative in the kitchen and include a mix of fresh food with a balance of carbs/proteins/fats. This morning I opted for a vegan protein shake with fresh raspberries and flax seeds.

That’s it! My go to morning routine to feel awesome and set myself up for a successful day. And I did all this before I got to my office at 9:00AM. It’s simple and easy to implement. I challenge you to start by adding one new thing from my list above to your morning routine.

Daily Affirmation: “I choose to take care of myself” 



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