GAPS Stage 1

My personal musings on Stage 1 of the GAPS diet…

Not sure what GAPS is? Read my first post here for all the details.

Day 1
I got this. I’m going into this ready. My mind is focused on the end goal… pizza. Just kidding, although eating pizza without a reaction is absolutely something I hope to gain from this. I’m feeling pretty good on day one until about 1:00pm. Matt and I are over at Oma and Opa’s; suddenly Oma declares it’s lunch time and makes a sandwich. I decide to have one too, and then I remember that I can’t (cue sad song). Later that day I try black coffee and find that I love it! I never have before, this is exciting. A massive headache takes over my life around 4:00pm. I try yoga, deep breathing, essential oils, water, basically every natural remedy I can think of through the throbbing pain in my head. Nothing works so I decide to go to bed. Ohhh the joys of detoxing. I wake up around 9:00pm and my head feels like it’s 3 times the normal size – there is no way this pain is bearable… I take an Advil and slowly drift into sleep. I wake up again around 10:20pm and “miraculously” my headache has subsided… whew. I got this. and I vow to not take Advil again while on GAPS.

Day 2
I am feeling fine today – I’ve totally got this! I almost forget to defrost my broth- shit! – crisis averted. Oh and I’m peeing like a race horse. Seriously, like 100 times a day. I guess this is what happens on a liquid diet.

Day 3
I’m dragging my feet today. Why did I decide to do this again? Oh right, pizza. As I’m throwing my own silent pity party my boss comes into the office and tells us about his recent trip to Guatemala. “I was talking to my colleagues today, telling them how hungry I was feeling. My boss then came in and started telling us about his recent trip to Guatemala where  had the privilege to rescue malnourished children and literally save them from the brink of death. They went around to towns and mothers offered up their babies to be taken away (for up to 3 months) to allow the children time at the help centre to recover from malnutrition. WOW. Talk about putting things into perspective. Having the option to undertake the GAPS diet is a HUGE privilege!!” Cue gratitude overload for this amazing opportunity to heal my body.

On another note, my face is breaking out – ohhh the joys of detoxing continue.

Day 4 
I finally poop!! Hallelujah!!

Day 5
I feel like I have an overload of energy today! I’m also really ridiculously excited because in one more sleep I can eat vegetables again!

My teeth feel really dirty – I figure out it’s from the bone broth. I up my brushing a flossing game.



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