GAPS Stage 2

My personal musings on Stage 2 of the GAPS diet…

Not sure what GAPS is? Read my first post here for all the details.

Day 6
Now that I’m in Stage 2 of GAPS I can include baked vegetables, coconut oil, and fermented foods like kimchee and sauerkraut. Vegetables!! Sweet, glorious vegetables. I discover that I love roasted eggplant, and that I can’t stomach roasted yams – they are way.too.sweet. Yuck. I used to love yams so this is a bit of a shocker to me! Oh and I feel reallllllyyyyyy tired today. Zzzzzz

Day 7
I decide to go see a movie (Deadpool) with Matt and have tea and roasted potatoes, my take on pop and chips ;). I’m feeling okay today but I’m still breaking out a lot. Ohh the joys of detoxing continue… yet again.

Day 8
I’m fucking tired. And my sugar cravings are intense. And my face is breaking out even more. Today is hard

Day 9
I wake up feeling energized! My sugar cravings are still crazy intense. I somehow justify to myself that I can have a nut milk (technically I can in 2 more sleeps) so I indulge and have a walnut/hemp seed milk with cinnamon and honey. I’m temporarily transported to heaven…
For the first time in days I feel really FULL and my cravings subside for hours.

Day 10
I decide to cut Stage 2 down to 4 days and jump into Stage 3 a day early. This means that I can now include avocado, nut butter, nut mylk, very ripe bananas (brown spots are a must!), and GAPS homemade pancakes. PANCAKES!! Glorious, glorious pancakes. Fun tip: when making pancakes with nut meal, you do NOT want a “fluffy” batter. Fluffy batter pancakes run and burn. Instead aim for a thick batter that you can mold into pucks and flatten them in the pan.


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