GAPS Stage 3

My personal musings on Stage 3 of the GAPS diet…

Not sure what GAPS is? Read my first post here for all the details.

Day 11
I’m painfully bloated today. It feels different than any bloating symptoms I’ve experienced before. Maybe it’s from reintroducing new foods? (avocado, bananas, nuts?). Maybe it’s the intense probiotics I’m taking (50 billion 2x day)? Jury’s still out.
Today was tough. I felt gross, I worked 9-5 and then headed to night school. I felt sorry for myself. I decided to leave school early and go to Whole Foods to find something delicious to make myself feel better. Confession – I totally had a “cheat” meal this night. It consisted of:

  • Baked Zucchini
  • Baked Asparagus
  • Marinated Artichokes
  • Raw Shredded Beets
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Chicken Breast
  • Tahini Sauce

The irony is that this is one hell of a healthy meal!! Yet I felt like a rebel eating it. Technically it’s the raw beets and chicken that are “cheating”. I was craving meat so badly that I listened to my body and went for it. This was a reflective evening for me. I had to be sooo cautious to not associate this “cheat” meal with feelings of guilt.

Day 12
Shit’s getting real. This is hard. I’m feeling major physical and emotional detox symptoms today. Oh, and I’ve spent $60 on almonds the past few days. How is that even possible?! Raw. Organic. Whole Foods. That’s how…

Day 13
Much like Day 12. Except I don’t buy more almonds – thank god.

Day 14
I wake up today (Sunday) and feel really proud of myself! I have successfully made it through the weekend which included a housewarming party (my own) and two birthday parties! I learnt a lot about my own self-justification tendencies. At one party, I almost convinced myself that (alcoholic) apple cider is just like an apple kombucha; they both have apples, they’re both fermented, what’s wrong if I have just ONE tiny little drink, right? No, I will not have a drink, I will not have a drink. I made it through with zero alcohol and no cheat eating – BOOYA! Lesson learned: using your willpower is exhausting.

Day 15/16/17
These days sort of blur together. This way of eating is starting to feel normal. It’s not requiring so much thought and preparation any more. I feel like I have loads of energy and a clear mind. I’m really looking forward to Stage 4 tomorrow – I have a green juice all ready to go for breakfast! Bring it on.


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