Welcome to my blog! I’m so happy that you’re here. I started this blog as an emotional outlet through a difficult transition. I began healing through different holistic practices; yoga, meditation, spiritual channelling, cooking, life coaching, reiki, and much more. When I first stepped foot into the world of wellness I felt overwhelmed. This blog is my way of processing each of these practices and allows me to share lessons that I’ve learned along the way. My hope is that you can find some inspiration here. Be it the inspiration to try something new, to open yourself up to love or maybe even the inspiration to start your own personal healing.

My Journey
The catalyst which brought me to this path of wellness came as a shock on March 7, 2011. Ironically it was the worst moment of my life which eventually led me to live a whole hearted life today. My best friend, Kelly, had been in a car accident and was in critical care. Her boyfriend, and my good friend, Mike had died instantly in the accident. I got on a flight that night and watched my best friend fight for her life for eight horrifically long days. On the morning of the eighth day she let go and left this world. I was heartbroken. I spent the next year in a constant state of misery; tears, emotional mood swings, and numbing the pain with any substance I could find, be it food, alcohol or drugs. After a year I realized I wasn’t healing; other friends had found a way to accept the accident and live life again and I just felt more and more lost. I soon realized that this was the issue, I had lost myself. I had defined myself through my friendship with Kelly; I relied on her for love and for reassurance that I was a good person. She was the sole person I could be completely open with and trust that I would always be accepted. I realized I had to start working on something that I had been avoiding for a long time… a loving relationship with myself.

My journey has consisted of a lot of self work and the guidance of some amazing teachers and mentors. Inspiration came from many sources; Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life, Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection, Australia’s Wellness Warrior Jessica Ainscough and my own life coach Margie Schamuhn. I truly believe every human being has the ability to live the life of their wildest dreams and I want to help them achieve it!

My Values
My own personal values, the guiding principles that fulfil me, are: Connection, Serenity, Play, Growth and Compassion.


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